Who’s who?


Priceless volunteers.

 Please click on the links below to “meet” us cyber wise:

The Founder.

The Admins.

One can also find us swinging from the branches here:

The Tree House Group on Facebook

A show of appreciation from the Founder (SJ) who says:



Please refer to our page “Aims, Terms and Conditions” for further information.

Please note that all our posts at the time of publishing – permission was automatically granted by the authors who wrote and/or published them.

As we encourage the use of free speech, all articles under authors names are unabridged except in the case where we reserve the right to edit any spieling meeksteaks, the word length and/or any (obvious) grammar is concerned. To refuse any content that may break social media rules.

The foundations of the Tree House is growing ever stronger due to our valued admins and members.

Thank YOU, for being you.


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