Viral Videos on YouTube by Jamie Danjoux

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about videos that have gone viral on YouTube.  You may be thinking, “What the heck has this got to do with anything about being d/Deaf?”

Most viral videos may involve people talking (in order to get the funniness bit) however not a lot of these YouTube clips get subtitled (in my opinion) and that’s the job of YouTube Auto Caption, right? This feature I would say is completely useless.  It tries to listen to the clip and guess what’s being said.  This feature hardly works when I’ve used it.

A great example is a video that went Viral in June last year, it was a airline flight attendant performing the safety demonstration and had included very humorous jokes.  When I first watched the video I was having to rely on others to ask what was being said, so to me it wasn’t quite enjoyable. Recently I added captions to the end of the video title and a different version of the video was found which had subtitles along with the video. This made it much easier to understand and more enjoyable!

This is not the only example but many videos on YouTube don’t have subtitles and can be difficult for us deafies to understand what is being said.

The fact that not much content on YouTube is not at all their fault, however placing a automated closed captioning facility is a bit annoying due to it being unreliable at most times.

Do you struggle to watch YouTube (or any other online videos) clips? How do you pull through what’s being said? Whenever I go on YouTube, I try to get the background of the video and think what’s being said, and if that doesn’t work then I resort to the comments and see if they give any idea.

I wish there would be more people out there who can add subtitles to viral videos so all of them can take part in the great Internet sensation – after all why should we miss out?

‘Til next time!



The ISIS Video.

The time has come for me to explain why I have refused to participate in any sense regarding the ISIS video, which is apparently inviting deaf people to join their cause by using sign language to appeal to them.

I did not want to impose onto anyone else a video that was potentially fake because a number of ISIS videos have been exposed to be so. In addition, because I did not want anyone to fall victim to their method of reverse psychology, they clearly made a video with the intent to recruit and shock people in the hope that it would become viral in their favour. It went viral without even the authenticity of it being questioned beforehand or saw that you would possibly play a part in promoting the propaganda.

The last straw for me came having seen articles written by people who are not experienced or knowledgeable in either, the history of the Middle East, the language and the religion – the latter, ISIS has nothing to do with, at all. Why are people listening to, consulting with or publishing someone who does not speak for or to the deaf community, especially those who are not qualified on any aspect of the subject matter?


Not everything published online be it YouTube, Facebook or even established news outlets is correct and should always be looked at with a critical eye. Politicians who have an agenda in mind would highlight a particular issue and blow it out of proportion, then feed the public in order to gain votes. In some cases, deflecting attention from their shortcomings.

Be wise and tread carefully.

Thank you for your time and patience.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

The Domination of Nomination Drench.

The Domination of Nomination Drench hits the British Isle like wildfire – pardon the pun!

You know you are deaf when your newsfeed is filled with people pouring buckets of cold water over their heads. Up and down the country deaf people are logging in to see their newsfeed crammed full with friends and random deaf people drenching themselves with cold water. The buckets are not the only means of getting wet, some use buckets, others jumping in their poor children’s paddling pools, others jump into canals whilst holding hands, and one has even used a digger to release a rather large amount of water.

This is happening up and down the country and around the world.

The reactions vary greatly – some people hop, some scream, others remain straight faced, and some literally freeze on the spot. But not before they pass on the fate of the drenching craze to 3, 4 or 5 friends. Even the over 60’s are getting involved! Kirsty’s Uncle Ken – who has absolutely no involvement with the deaf community joined in.

Sara’s view on the latest craze is “It’s fun but some friends are saying they would rather donate to “Water Aid” due to lack of clean water and availability in Africa and 3rd world countries. I asked a few people today what they thought of it and they all said “Why?!” As it seemed to be a case of crowd following just for the sake of it like ‘Neck Nomination’ which was eventually discouraged due to it being so dangerous. As long as people are happy and are sensible about the challenge although I must admit it’s getting a tad boring seeing the same thing subsequently yet its been a hot scorching day so when my turn came, I very much welcomed it!” In the end she was very glad she seized the day and would do it again – which she did after being re-nominated post article.

Kirsty’s video:

And her Uncle Ken’s who is in Greece:

Paul’s video:

See what happens when one goes with the flow? Just don’t feel pressured to oblige – donate to charity if that suits you so.

Yet how did it all start, why are people up and down the country nominating each other – Has some strange plague taken over our minds, or are we simply nuts?!

Who really knows how it started because if one googles ” ice / cold water challenge” it gives you results mainly based in the USA, some by the forces even! So this is not just in the deaf community and not something entirely new sweeping social media yet it is new within the deaf community based in the United Kingdom except that when it first started within the UK, people had to buy alcohol when or if they forfeited the dare. It is the people’s choice who they decide to donate to and if it is a charity or “Water aid” of their choice, so be it.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Update: Please read our continued article on “Nomination Drench” by reading “Between a rock and a hard place“.

Update: Even Water Aid is doing it now to thank the deaf community 🙂