Admission to The Tree House Facebook group.

Regarding admission to ‘The Tree House’ Facebook group;

There are unfortunately a lot of spammers and other nuisance makers online and as a precaution, we (the Admins) very carefully vet all new applications for membership.

What we look for:

A connection with deafness, deaf friends, deaf school etc.
If people have the words deaf, sign language, lip-reading and so forth on their profile page then they get in at once.

If people are hearing but they have some connection with deaf people, interpreters, teachers, carers then we look for that in the profile also and in they come.

If we think someone may be a troll or other harmful influences. They will not get in.

What bothers us is that we might make a mistake and shut someone out who belongs to the discussion group. If that does happen, we can only apologise in advance.

If you know someone who has been refused admission, please ask them to apply directly to us, the Admins, who will advise further.

Thank you very much, for your time and patience.

The Admins. 🙂