Aims, Terms and Conditions.

© The Tree House 2014

© The Tree House 2014

Aims of the Tree House.

We aim to offer an impartial platform for debate on deaf issues, discussion of any other matters of interest to deaf people and a place for promoting social life among deaf people.

Sara Jae created a middle ground in order to give people a voice and to be heard democratically so this is a dedicated space for the people, by the people.

In short, a place where people can get off from “sitting on the fence” as we all know it can get extremely uncomfortable (never mind the splinters!) and a royal pain in the backside.

Due to all the expectations, assumptions and divisions communities create based on their personal bias, a space to retreat to for a more civilised atmosphere where there is zero tolerance of personal attacks and divisions of any sense being created or brought in.


Terms and Conditions of the Tree House.

Consider that you are a guest in a very large public meeting place. If anyone cannot follow the rules or behave in a respectable / polite fashion, they will be shown the door regardless, in order to keep the atmosphere on a positive note. We want the guests to feel the benefits of being a member of the Tree House as it is all educational.

Abiding by the rules will save us all the hassle involved in settling disputes which could easily have been avoided in the first place.


The rules:

1. Absolute Respect and Zero Tolerance:

If you are a regularly contributing dweller here, please try to help those who are new. Mocking or otherwise disrespecting a “newbie” is much less welcome than an innocent mistake by someone who might not know better.

Absolutely no trolling or personal attacks relating to the Tree House or its respected guests in any sense will be tolerated as this is another form of online abuse.

There is also no flaming, or insulting of others allowed. Do not make comments that are sexist, racist, judgemental, obscene, inflammatory, spiteful, abusive, threatening, critical or of an undermining nature, especially in any way insulting or disrespectful to any individual dweller of the Tree House.

Do not allow disagreements to become personal. Attacking or insulting another dweller rather than disagreeing with their point of view will not be tolerated. If you do disagree with someone else’s opinion, show your intelligence by arguing your position calmly and respectfully.

Please do not start a new post to discuss how much you don’t like someone or something. If you have a chip on your shoulder, the Tree House is not the place for you. Open minds are wanted here.

2. Appropriate Language:

Please stick to using appropriate language due to ladies and gentlemen being present as well as impressionable teenagers as you are all guests in the Tree House. This forum is visited by people of different ages, backgrounds, deaf/hearing and maybe even religious groups.

Communicate your thoughts in a way that is helpful and respectful without embarrassing anyone, including yourself. Don’t use insulting or crude slang words, even if it is language that you use commonly with your peers. Do not substitute asterisks or other symbols for letters in words when it is obvious what you are actually saying. Try to keep language and subject matter as clean as possible. We appreciate that people have strong feelings but over use of bad language will get a warning.

Do not post words or images that are sexually or violently graphic in nature, do not discuss illegal drug use or any other illegal activities, and do not post links to such images or discussions.

3. Brand new FB accounts will not be accepted – if you have opened a new account for safeguarding reasons then please contact the moderating team.

4. Common Internet Etiquette:

Do not post in all capital letters; there is no need to SHOUT.

Do not quote posts that are in obvious violation of the rules. They will be removed.

Do not post multiple times about the same point or issue.

Do not post personal information or contact information, regardless of how easy it may be to find elsewhere. Use the Private Messaging system to exchange details.

Please try and stick to the topic on the comment/post, as it is so easy to get side tracked and talk about something else. If you have something different to say, feel free to start a new comment. We try to avoid long rambling threads.

Please note carefully :

5. When quoting from a source in the Tree House respect and credit should be paid where it is due to the group / blog and its members with a link to its original source where applicable. By all means pass on information but tell people where you got it from.

6. Members are not to block any of the Tree House Admin team. This will make it impossible for us to talk to you and the only course of action will be to remove/ban you.

In relation to children appearing in any videos this is at the discretion of their parents or legal guardian who the moderation team will contact for confirmation.

Like all other Facebook Groups the Tree House has to abide by the common Facebook policy. We have no choice but to respect the rules or we could be closed down.

7. Advertising:

The Tree House policy is to allow social events be advertised *if they are FOR deaf people, preferably BY deaf people*. Go ahead, tell everyone about your social weekends, future holidays, anything that gets deaf people together. Pub nights, music events, T in the Park etc.

Also allowed are SOME types of profit-making advert.  But only if they are of genuine use to deaf people. Eg. Hearing aid information, Connevans and AOHL shops, Forest Books are all allowed because they are specifically for deaf people. So you can mention those if they sell something useful to us.

Advertising Interpreting services for your own financial gains will not be encouraged.

Research/surveys will vary so please feel free to contact Admin team to check.

NOT allowed. Charity whinging, begging for money, people just wanting to sell us crap.

Facebook policy and rules can be found at the following link.

If you see a post or comment that breaks the rules, please notify one of the Admins.

Spammers will be immediately banned (we define spam as advertising a product not related to deaf issues and/or any unsolicited advertising).

In the case of inappropriate posts or comments which are deleted for any reason, you will receive a PM from the moderating team. Responding abusively via a PM will not be tolerated as the moderating team is here to help keep the peace, not to be abused by people who did not comply by the rules in the first place.

We are not responsible for member’s personal views.

All views expressed by its moderation team are their own personal views except where stated as being from “Admin team”.

Please do not unnecessarily contact members of the Tree House Team. Our decisions are final and will not normally be revoked.

Copyright and Disclaimers.

Who’s who.

All our posts at the time of publishing – permission was granted by the authors who wrote and/or published them.


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