‘Understanding Hearing Parents Of Deaf Children’ by Barry Sewell

When we published the piece by ‘The Deaf Terminator’, we were given a link to a video made by Barry Sewell, otherwise known as ‘The Holism’. We thought we would pass onto you, our readers, the link to the very same video.

“Recently much attention have been generated between AG Bell’s (Alexander Graham Bell Organization) and the culturally and linguistically deaf people, also known as the sign language community. AG Bell believes it is better to provide deaf children with necessary means and tools to learn to speak and hear sounds. However the sign language community believes it is better for deaf children to learn American Sign Language. Each sides have been vying for the most attention in the social media. They both are aiming for each other’s throats. Unfortunately it only hardened their stances against each other however I wanted to contribute my thoughts on the situation, maintaining my focus on 95% of deaf children’s hearing parents because they are the ultimate force here.”

~ Barry Sewell.


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