‘For Better Or For Worse’ by Robert & Helen Oxlade

World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) falls annually on the 8th of May.

Back in 2014, her darling husband Robert, in a bid to raise awareness, shared Helen’s story on Facebook. We at ‘The Tree House’ wishes to help Helen and Robert, raise even more awareness regarding Ovarian Cancer by bringing their experience, to your attention.

8th of May 2014.

Today is World Ovarian Cancer day, and it is today that we are telling everyone on Facebook Helen Oxlade’s story. If you only read this far, please go and see your GP if you think you have any of the symptoms of ovarian cancer – http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/type/ovarian-cancer/about/ovarian-cancer-symptoms

After Helen and I were engaged in 2011, and with Helen’s Mum and my parents’ blessing, we started to try for a baby. Sadly, we didn’t seem to have any luck, so Helen went to the GP to start to investigate why.

As part of the investigations, Helen’s various blood tests didn’t show any cancer, however there was a tennis ball sized cyst on one of her ovaries, which in turn had moved and attached itself to her womb. The ovary and cyst were removed in March this year. We were given the life changing news ten days later.

Although they think it was contained to the ovary they removed, Helen has early ovarian cancer. This was only half of the news, since part of the treatment was a hysterectomy as quickly as possible, to prevent the cancer spreading. The doctor told us that we risked Helen’s life trying to save any eggs, so that wasn’t an option.

The 14th of March 2014 was the day our hopes and dreams of having our own family were shattered, and our lives turned upside down with uncertainty for what will be happening in the future.

On the 23rd of April, Helen returned to hospital for a hysterectomy. There were quite a few complications, but she is being strong, and is slowly recovering. Thank you to all of our friends who already know, and have offered their help and thoughts.

Tomorrow (9th of May) we return to the hospital for the results of the biopsies taken during the hysterectomy. Given our situation, I believe we have been lucky, and have caught the cancer early. Ovarian cancer is one of the more aggressive cancers, and often goes undetected. All women are able to get this horrible cancer, so please, if you think you have the symptoms, go and see your GP.

This is most definitely the “for worse” bit mentioned in our wedding vows. I hope she knows how much I love her, because sometimes I’m distant and hiding in my shell with worry, but I think and hope we are going to be very lucky.

Please like and share this video so that we can help spread awareness of this terrible cancer.

By Robert and Helen Oxlade.

Exactly one year after the dreadful news of the ovary biopsy result Helen was given, she admirably made another video.

We are truly honoured, being able to share Helen & Robert’s experiences, with you. 🙂