‘Whole New Take On Glue Ear’ by Carl Gammon

Last year on the 10th August, I accidentally got superglue in my right ear, after trying to remove it myself with acetone (nail varnish remover) I went over to my local hospital to explain and for them to remove it. After they finished laughing, the nurse had a look in my ear and told me I would need to go to the main hospital, as she could not get the glue out. So I went there and they couldn’t remove it either, I was going to need surgery.

Back at the main hospital, I was seen and sent up to a ward where an ENT consultant had a good look. He tried to remove it but seeing as this is superglue; it had stuck good and proper. He scheduled an appointment for me to go back on the 13th August for surgery under a general anaesthetic to remove it.

All this time I still had a bit of usable hearing (although it was very muffled) so I signed the consent form and told them to do whatever it takes to get it all out, and went down to the theatre. The wife says I was down there for about 2 hours or so. Anyway, once I was back up on the ward and coherent enough the consultant told me they did not get all the glue out because they didn’t want to damage my ear drum. And that the remaining bit of glue will dislodge itself. Seemed fair enough, or so I thought.

A week later, I had the post op follow up and after my ears being pulled about I was told that they had damaged the eardrum during surgery. They could have removed it all?!

This is where the problems started – Nine ear infections since then!

Oh… They have given me Tinnitus as well which is a high pitch screech in the right ear 24-7. Thanks guys!

So now, I am waiting to have more surgery to see what’s what down there. I have got to have what they call an E.U.A (Examination Under Anaesthetic) because I am considered a high risk of fainting, seeing I fainted at our local hospital ENT clinic and this frightened the entire department. One nurse said in all her 38yrs of nursing, she had never had someone faint by looking in their ears.

My next appointment is on the 17th April for a pre admission assessment, then, provided there are no complications, surgery is booked for the 10th May.

I will update of course.

By Carl Gammon.

To be continued… 🙂


4 thoughts on “‘Whole New Take On Glue Ear’ by Carl Gammon

  1. Looking forwards to being updated Carl and what a journey you have been on – will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well with the op. Ps Love the title! ☺️

    • Thank you SJ
      I will have chance to relax on holiday after my op … but need to get through the pre admission assessment first. x

  2. Good luck Carl! Talk about my joke being a case of, “Ne’er a truer word spoken in jest”!

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