‘And along came a train’ by Matthew Hearn


Your frustration knows no limits when there is an announcement made at a station because of some travel issues and not a word understood because of your deafness.

Fortune turned on its head, and I loved how missing the announcement was beneficial yesterday!

I was at a station and was dithering about how to make alternative travel route because the tube was massively delayed.

One staff went on to the platform and made an announcement. Almost everyone left the platform to the exits. Few, I presume, foreign people stayed behind to make enquires. I made myself the last person.

With the station completely deserted, I finally asked him what was happening and how to travel to another station.

“There are no trains at all for this station!” he bellowed.

…But a train came along.

Realisation hit his face – he had made a mistake! He ran to his tannoy point to retract his earlier news about there being no trains.

Smugly I stepped on the train knowing everyone else must be all red and cursing about there being no trains!

Oh the bittersweet irony, I could almost taste it!

By Matthew Hearn.