‘What Is Deaf Geeky?’ by Natalie Jordaan & Claire Sternberg

What is ‘Deaf Geeky’?

‘Deaf Geeky’ is a worldwide portal for geeks alike from different parts of the world and this portal enables us/them to share valuable knowledge. ‘Deaf Geeky’ was established to try to benefit different people by giving them access to this information, using Sign Language and subtitles.

Why is ‘Deaf Geeky’ ideal?

  1. There are many educational sites on the internet, but most of them unfortunately, do not have or provide subtitles. This means deaf people are unable to gain access to useful information, so much so, it is considered as a limitation. There are sadly very few educational yet accessible sites online.
  1. Of course, some ‘Deaf Geeks’ already share knowledge, providing educational materials via the internet but they are separated by different portals. This also means that deaf people find it extremely difficult to access. Hence, ‘Deaf Geeky’ being one portal only that has several categories based on Technology, Economics, Politics, etc. of which can be easily found.

These are several of the reasons why ‘Deaf Geeky’ was established, in order to encourage deaf people who are geeks to join the portal and share their knowledge and provide (further) education.

Goal of Deaf Geeky

Our goal is to integrate international ‘Deaf Geeks’ into one group that can share their knowledge or provide education based on Technology, History, Science, Health, Politics, Economics, Sport, Life Hacks and much more.

To be a portal that enables deaf people worldwide to share knowledge and ideas in a language they can understand.

This portal aims to educate every deaf people in a subject matter of their interest using Sign Language and subtitles. Deaf people can learn and gain knowledge on several educations that ‘Deaf Geeks’ provide.

Benefit of Deaf Geeky

‘Deaf Geeks’ with the same interests can share and learn from each other. They can connect with each other from the many different parts of the world.

‘Deaf Geeky’ wishes to show the world that deaf people who are geeks can do anything.

Short and sweet

  • Deaf Geeky is about Knowledge, Access and Interaction.
  • Deaf people who are geeks should unleash their inner geeks to the world.

If you are interested in taking part in the ‘Deaf Geeky’ portal and sharing your geeky knowledge, please do not hesitate to sign up using the form on our ‘Deaf Geeky’ website:


Alternatively, you can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.

By Natalie Jordaan and Claire Sternberg.

Natalie and Claire

Natalie Jordaan and Claire Sternberg.