‘Talking about Tinnitus: Coping, learning and finding relief’ by Stu Nunnery

Many of us tend to suffer from Tinnitus almost 24/7 and we found reading about Stu’s experiences rather interesting.

Here is only an excerpt from his article because we would like to encourage you, to visit his original article for the full ‘Stu’ experience.

“Like many of you I experience changes in the volume, tone, pitch, shape, color, and texture to my tinnitus. And as I am returning to mussssssssssssic the nasty noise machine creates yet another annoying roadblock that I have tried to overcome for many years.  I play piano and guitar and I sing along with them, and if I am singing or playing in the key of G, you can be sure that tinny is droning away in Ab or perhaps C# just for grins. I avoided even listening to music for years in part because of this little wrinkle in my tinny tin tin – tonal disruption.

Some good news: I have been participating in aural rehab which has been strengthening my listening and by extension the quality of my hearing. I also returned to voice coaching again to strengthen my sound making apparatus. And what do you suppose has happened? Yes indeedy, I can sometimes outrun – or rather out “noise-make”- my tinnitus with an armada of sound – both heard and made.  If I keep singing and playing of course.

HA! Take that, Tinny!”

Source: http://www.hearinglikeme.com/tinnitus-coping-learning-relief/