‘Dear Hearing People’ by Sarah Snow & Jules Dameron

Here is an impressive video made by Sarah Snow of Glide and Jules Dameron.

“The Deaf community tells all hearing people what’s truly on their minds— and it’s a big deal.”

You can also read about why, Sarah made this video.



2 thoughts on “‘Dear Hearing People’ by Sarah Snow & Jules Dameron

  1. I really enjoyed this video, it is beautifully done! And, as a woman with a moderate to severe hearing loss I shared it to my Facebook timeline today with my own remarks, applauding your opinion that everyone is worthy of respect and private decisions about using aids or implants. I am also currently writing a book about my own experiences living with my hearing loss. Who may I contact to get permission to include a link to this video, a/o this website, in my book?

    • Many thanks for your comment.

      I think the best way to get the information you seek regarding the video, would be to contact Sarah by tweeting @SarahGlide. Alternatively, Jules’ Twitter is @julesdameron. Both are also on Facebook.

      As for ‘The Tree House’ website, please feel free to share any links – as you wish. 🙂

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