‘Ending My Hearing Loss Isolation’ by Stu Nunnery

Here is yet another extract from another very interesting blog by Stu Nunnery, via the awesome ‘HearingLikeMe.com‘ site, sharing here for those who have had or are experiencing hearing loss…

“There wasn’t a good reason for me to hide and remain closed off socially or depend solely on my good hearing friends for their understanding and a social life anymore. My hearing loss isolation was a decision on my part, born of many things, but a decision nonetheless. Loneliness and isolation are not new issues for those of us with hearing loss and my story is hardly unique. Still many of us wonder how to connect our lives, work and souls to others with hearing loss given our common challenges.

As I discovered, there are ever more opportunities to engage with others with hearing loss and in activities customized for us here, there and everywhere. The chances are now greater to meet new people with similar and diverse backgrounds, skills and interests to enjoy a conversation, go out to dinner, travel, see a show, or take a walk without feeling the need to explain ourselves. Above all, we want to laugh, love and enjoy life like everyone else. Email, texting and Twitter have been a godsend for us for sure, but nothing beats a real face, a voice and a soulful connection.”

We would recommend that you read Stu’s full blog, via this link:


Enjoy, once more.

We certainly did 🙂