‘How what I eat affects my sinuses… and my hearing’ by Stu Nunnery

Here is extract from a very interesting blog via the awesome ‘HearingLikeMe.com‘ site, sharing here for those who like to watch what they eat, have allergies or intolerances…

“In my search for the origin of my hearing loss I wondered if my clogged sinuses were another stepping stone on the path. I Googled and found this: that clogged sinuses, especially from a condition called sinusitis can cause stuffiness, ear pressure, pain dizziness and discomfort – the very menu of conditions I remember well. 

But hearing loss?

It turns out that sinus related conditions can be acute and can lead to hearing loss – usually temporary, but sometimes permanently if not treated immediately. The strategy is to clear up any infection in the sinuses before if spreads to the ears. It’s interesting to note that among the recommendations with sinus infections is to avoid caffeine, salt, alcohol, and tobacco products. “These can affect your circulation. Minor changes in blood flow can also affect your ears.” 

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