We Can Do Everything Except Hear? By Mervyn James


More grist to the ever-growing mill of deaf independence and the myth that it actually exists. Savage cuts to UK deaf and HI support are throwing out of work what jobs deaf people were able to get, and removing hard-won hard of hearing financial support and back up, because they are labelled the same as those cultural deaf despite not using same systems or communications or allude to a culture.

Much anger is being seen recently online over UK ‘gestapo’ state attacks on support to get deaf and disabled into a job, with the main Minister showing real signs of clinical schizophrenia, and the UK media targeting the poor and disabled as a drain on the workers, most of whom are claiming extra welfare support to top-up their wage, because UK Employers won’t pay them a living wage to live on, indeed, the low-paid employed are the primary recipients and dependents of the welfare state at present… not the disabled the elderly or the deaf.

The assessment of need process is seriously flawed, primarily, the issue of hearing loss is non-applicable mostly to any impingement on your physical state. It’s a sensory loss. Most of the early issues revolved around the DWP using physical testing/assessment to determine how your hearing loss affected that. E.G. if you can talk or lip-read, you aren’t deaf, so a fraud, if you can walk you aren’t disabled, so again a fraud, a scrounger, taking money from hard-working taxpayers etc…   Regular checks were made to ascertain IF, your hearing had returned every 12 weeks…. As a result most deaf got nothing at all, now it’s reverting to that again.

It’s prejudice from the rabid UK media mainstream and major human rights abuse and discriminations from the system. It is not helped by ‘Deaf’ people insisting:

(A) They aren’t disabled, and

(B) They can do everything except hear,

So they are taken at their word and will get no allowances for it, or allowances they did get, are now being removed or cut. I hope they can cope with what they wished for, others cannot… We are all deaf but we aren’t all caring about others with it. Which is fair enough for those who manage, but is visibly being attached as a stat view to those others with hearing loss suffering real hardship and getting deprived of support as a result of a very curious belief, deafness is no issue for deaf people, and everyone else makes their life difficult.

This is a core issue of major dissent between cultural deaf (By far the BIGGEST group of deaf people getting financial allowances and needing support), and the HI others who are getting pilloried because the DWP says nothing is wrong with them. Awareness never worked and still doesn’t plainly. The irony of the last statement seems totally lost on most, how can you be culturally deaf and independent without  your support? and support, costs money. Do they understand the word ‘relative’?

Definition of relative:  Something dependent upon external conditions for its specific nature, size, etc.

We only have to look at recent UK A2W issues to see who has claimed the most that way, hardly suggestive deaf are not needy, not disabled, and in no need of help either. They benefit by far from state help, for sure they would know real hardship without  it, and funding underpins their cultural output too.

There has to be a fight back, and an acceptance deafness and hearing loss IS a real issue that blights lives, destroys families cuts you off from life, from friends, from work, destroys self-worth, leads many elderly into their twilight years totally alone and isolated, makes some suicidal, if not the financial means to cope with those things at least a recognition of those facts needs to be accepted by us all. Families don’t help each other much anymore they lead busy lives are struggling themselves so are leaving deaf and HI to the vagaries of state help, which actually isn’t there any more.

Obviously money is an issue wherever you are, but the underlying assumption we don’t have any issues to address, is a killer in more ways than one. We all know what follows pride too…

By Mervyn James