What does it feel like when you remove your Hearing Aid or CI? by Jamie Danjoux

Good Evening all!

It’s been a great week so far and no more problems (yet) in public places with me not hearing other people etc…

So this evening I was having a shower as usual, and removed my hearing aids, normal so far.  However when I was finished and dried myself out and went downstairs, I had forgotten to pick my hearing aids up and put them in.

During the time that I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and fetch them, I made deal with being profoundly deaf – I couldn’t hear anything at all!! After about 20 minutes I started hearing these fuzzy horrible noises and it was probably my brain, I was also feeling kind of drowsy and getting headaches.


So I went back upstairs and got my hearing aids and a glass of water – the annoying noises and headaches soon died away.  I was thinking to myself whether not having my hearing aids in for a long period of time stresses the brain so much that it can’t cope!  Is this normal?

I actually can’t imagine what it would feel like if you couldn’t hear a thing at all it must be so horrible! It feels so isolating for me not being able to hear.  Obviously going in the shower for 5 minutes is different because you can hear the shower running and able to feel it.

I’m actually extremely grateful that I can hear and 2 amazing life saving gadgets can actually radically improve your life!

So does anyone else experience bizarre symptoms when they don’t have their HA’s or CI (‘s)?

‘Til next time!