Deaf Awareness and Communication Issues in the Public by Jamie Danjoux

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post to the TreeHouse, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for accepting me to contribute to this great awesome site!

I have faced many issues whilst out in public, often whilst in the busy Newcastle City Centre on a Saturday morning or after school.  These are often things like waiting in the queue to be served by someone and if I miss the “next please” announcement people behind can get a bit agitated.  If this does happen, I try to apologise and explain that I’m deaf etc… Some people don’t take none of it, I’ve even had people say, “that’s why the NHS spends money of them fancy hearing aids!” Hearing Aids don’t ‘fix’ the problem which many people think that’s what they do.  In fact it just aids the deaf person and amplifies the sound, hence the name of the useful gadget.

It amazes me that some people in this day and age don’t have much deaf awareness and that HA’s simply fix the deafness.  You sure can’t blame them all because they may not have had any deaf awareness given to them! I feel that the government or local councils haven’t very much made deafness very aware.

Do you think that deaf awareness needs to be, well simply, made more aware?  I personally do as with all the everyday issues that happen at the blink of an eye.  The fact I’ve become so used to it, I just simply let it go.

Some shops and businesses are VERY deaf aware and staff are extremely helpful, for example, last week whilst in a local supermarket, a staff member with one of those big trolleys needed to get past me, they simply approached me and tapped on the shoulder and asked if I could step aside.  Now this is deaf aware and praised the staff member for their such kind attitude!

I hope you found my first post, okay-ish.  If you think I need to change my style of writing or perhaps in a different format, please do feel free to a leave a comment below and I’d love to take in your ideas.  I do hope to have regular posts on different topics.  I’ve got a nice interesting post which I’ll upload later on in the week!

‘Til next time!