Good With Your Hands?

A fellow Tree House dweller shared a video excerpt from an Australian film, “The Little Death”. As quoted from a review “involving a hearing-impaired video translator who makes a sex call for a deaf client, is another highlight. There’s sweetness within the smut and that’s not an easy achievement, especially when the director almost kills his own climax (so to speak) with a very cheesy song.”

This also raised a question if all adverts / excerpts from films and so on are based on real life experiences, more importantly, whether it is a topic that needs to be discussed and not seen as a taboo for it can be potentially educational. While said video relates to deaf issues, the title alone is enough warning for anyone who may not wish to view such content and can then, make a conscious choice whether to watch or not – as an adult.  

A very interesting albeit humorous thread then followed… with experiences being shared and a gap in the interpreting market being made obvious so anyone good with their hands and confident enough to do as Daryl Jackson did whilst interpreting a dialogue from the programme, “The Inbetweeners”, should perhaps seize the day?