The ISIS Video.

The time has come for me to explain why I have refused to participate in any sense regarding the ISIS video, which is apparently inviting deaf people to join their cause by using sign language to appeal to them.

I did not want to impose onto anyone else a video that was potentially fake because a number of ISIS videos have been exposed to be so. In addition, because I did not want anyone to fall victim to their method of reverse psychology, they clearly made a video with the intent to recruit and shock people in the hope that it would become viral in their favour. It went viral without even the authenticity of it being questioned beforehand or saw that you would possibly play a part in promoting the propaganda.

The last straw for me came having seen articles written by people who are not experienced or knowledgeable in either, the history of the Middle East, the language and the religion – the latter, ISIS has nothing to do with, at all. Why are people listening to, consulting with or publishing someone who does not speak for or to the deaf community, especially those who are not qualified on any aspect of the subject matter?


Not everything published online be it YouTube, Facebook or even established news outlets is correct and should always be looked at with a critical eye. Politicians who have an agenda in mind would highlight a particular issue and blow it out of proportion, then feed the public in order to gain votes. In some cases, deflecting attention from their shortcomings.

Be wise and tread carefully.

Thank you for your time and patience.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)


2 thoughts on “The ISIS Video.

  1. we live in an online world where people are more concerned that some stupid biggoted overpaid chav celeb gets his job back (Jeremy Clarkson) than they are over female genital mutilation. People need someone to blame for austerity world wide and our govts and media have decided that ISIS are the perfect people to distract our attention from the reality of the crisis of global capitalism. ISIS and Al Qaeeda were both created and armed by the west, Wake up everyone, we’re being conned everyday

  2. Regrettably UK/USA deaf bloggers played into IS hands by making the vblogs viral, even the BBC allowed one blogger to do it there. Most publications of this video were done for petty sensationalist reasons, to get more views/hits, in complete disregard or ignorance of the promotion of IS they were contributing to.. The glaring ignorance of the deaf gave IS a coup online. I’ve only seen one deaf vlog that pleaded with other deaf to stop showing these videos. The ‘Hearing’ blog e.g. praised the IT skills of IS, ignorance is bliss when you’re deaf clearly, the UK blogger Charlie Swinbourne drew attention to the access hearing here don’t provide. Deaf people need to wake up to the reality and the best response is…. none at all.

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