Thick Skinned by Sensory United.

I subscribe to this page which is called “Sensory United” and they have kindly agreed to let me share their posts with the Tree House to help inform people. Their posts are quite humbling.

Here is their latest one:

“I do like to make people laugh by virtue of cracking a witty one liner or telling an amusing anecdote. However I do not really enjoy making people laugh simply because they find my sensory loss funny. Tonight in a Weatherspoon’s in Cardiff, I sat with my girlfriend. We are both deafblind; my first language is English and she prefers BSL. We are minding our own business and talking to each other through sign and speech. Then Mr and Mrs Fugly (fictional names) sat down and within minutes were rinsing themselves laughing. Presumably my attempts at sign and my girlfriend’s speech were hilarious to them. They made a big point of looking at us and doubling up with laughter. I was so embarrassed for them. It must be awful for their parents to have to look at what they spawned and let loose on the public. I felt like giving them a sympathetic hug and a lolly – how awful it must be to be them. I am proud of our sensory loss identity. If people don’t like this they can go back to their caves and consume White Lightning until they pass out.”

By Sensory United.

To visit their Facebook page please follow this link.

Thank you for taking the time to read.