Favourite BSL Signs

Greetings, beautiful Tree House dwellers and passing admirers (it’s a beautiful tree, come and see for yourself!).

The other week, we asked the dwellers of the Tree to say what their favourite BSL signs are, and to do a video of themselves signing them – if they wanted to, that is!

Below is the result…and there will be more to come, as a few of us have yet to make our videos. Pop back a little later in the week for more signs! Enjoy, and get those fingers flexing…

We hope you have had a great Sunday, and have a fantastic week!

Lots of love from the Tree House dwellers.

Sarah Ward x


One thought on “Favourite BSL Signs

  1. I loved watching the signs. I will look forward to seeing more. I only know basic sign. Not enough to communicate through sign with no one around me signing and hence I have no confidence, so even with signs I do know, I tend to hold myself back. So it was nice to see this.

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