Lost Souls by Angel Sign

From the minute we are born, we begin to search for our destiny, our purpose in life, to find the path that will lead us on our journey to self- satisfaction, a sense of achievement and recognition. Some of us are lucky to realise our goals and dreams early on, finding the path to follow, taking us towards our goal, whilst we strive with every ounce of strength and determination to get there.

For the rest of us there is a longer path to follow which usually then forks off two ways. For some that ‘EUREKA’ moment arrives and the light at the end of the tunnel appears, guiding them to their newfound place.

Those that remain tend to stroll down the other path, dipping their toes here and there, pondering in other areas, and never quite finding their resting place, searching high and low for a reason to be amongst the population of success stories, the missionaries and those that know their purpose in life.

These are the ones I refer to as the ‘LOST SOULS’, the ones who feel they don’t belong, can’t find the shoes to fit or the hat to wear.

Yet these are the people who quietly make the biggest difference of all. For every path they travel and every person they meet, they leave behind a bit of their wisdom, their kindness, their innocence and their soul.

For on their journey searching for what they believe is their destiny, they are already serving their purpose in life. They encourage, they listen, they advise and they support, guiding others along their way.

The ‘LOST SOULS’; the strongest yet the weakest; the loudest yet the shyest; the popular yet the loneliest; often the misunderstood.

I write this article as a generalisation to humanity. This applies to all as one and not just any individual race, religion, gender, disability, age or society, for there are lost souls amongst us everywhere, questioning themselves, searching for their destiny, unaware of the good they are doing each and every day through their journey.

~ Angel Sign.




One thought on “Lost Souls by Angel Sign

  1. People only get lost if they are sent in the wrong direction usually. From an acquired deaf perspective the issue lies with deaf awareness, which is ill-conceived rubbish, and a system that thinks all deaf sign. When you ally that with advise to learn sign language and attend a deaf cultural area for social purposes and ‘rehab’ ! that is when people get lost, trying to be what they aren’t, we have nothing in common with deaf culture but the fact we cannot hear either, there, the similarity ends. It’s a sensible deaf person who just accepts they are hearing who can’t, and concentrate on trying to bridge that communication gap, not wander off to some deaf wilderness,where even they are struggling to survive.

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