Picnic in the Park

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Poster by Mark Bushell.

On Sunday 27th July, a motley-crew of Tree House dwellers descended upon Regents Park for a few hours of chatting, eating and a bit of larking about.

The aim was to arrive at 12 at Regents Park bandstand and then walk to the Hub, where Sara had booked a softball pitch so those of us who wanted to play a few games had the opportunity. Some of us were late, but most of us managed to find our way over to the pitch – some people arrived even later and we were sorry to miss some – lesson learnt for next time…

People came from as far afield as Southsea and Wales – we’d like to thank them for coming so far – the Picnic brought us all together.

CJ and his awesome T-shirt!

CJ and his awesome T-shirt!

As for myself, it was lovely to relax and talk to everyone. We all managed in our own ways to adapt and accommodate to each other’s communication preferences – a mix of BSL, SSE, speech and silly expressions (!) I was a little nervous meeting everyone at first but we all relaxed and took things as they came. It was good to see the kids running around and having a bit of a water-fight, blowing bubbles and eating lots of cake…(of course, I’m referring to the big kids amongst us..)

Eloise would like to add: ‘It was a lovely day – I was both nervous and excited to meet so many of the people I have come to know through Facebook. I thought it was fantastic how quickly we all got to know each other. When I looked around at all the people there, I saw a mixture of speaking, signing, writing things down, lipreading, and more. I could see in that moment how the Tree House has been incredibly successful in bringing people of all walks of life together – a sense of unity I’ve never felt anywhere else.

Nobody was frowned upon for choosing one communication method over another. Nobody was looked down on because they identify themselves as culturally Deaf, hard of hearing, deaf, deafened, or hearing; they weren’t looked down on because they use hearing aids, cochlear implants, both, or neither. I think the picnic was a huge success all round, and the food we collectively brought was great to tuck into, too! I can’t wait for the next!

We are looking forward to arranging another Picnic and having more people join us next time.

Update: A note from the founder and owner of ‘The Tree House’ – some of the people featured on this entry are no longer associated with The Tree House for several reasons. Thank you for your time and patience.


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  1. It was great reading this post, especially with seeing someone in your photo who I have not communicated with for some time, which is CJ. Its nice seeing him relaxed. I uses to communicate a lot with him via Twitter, but have lost touch since then, due to me closing my Twitter account. It was nice to see CJ looking relaxed there in the photo and looking well.

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