The Phantom of the Deaf Community is Here!

And in this labyrinth
where night is blind
the Phantom of the deaf community is here,
Inside your mind…!



British language sign English BSL

I have feeling something lots to tell/give?


Access barriers, barriers, wall, barriers all access.

Not ___ hearing people. Own deaf sign British language rich. All aware nothing, like fools, all British feel ___ hearing talking but how deaf feel improve nothing feel second best/lower class.

All campaign most miss best disappoint deaf community but deaf community strong power not enough. We want more power. This very important to deaf community/


We have British genes being passed onto our children. We have worries over future deaf schools close close how we keep open campaign so hearing people recognise. That it. Their eyes opens.

Deaf feel lost go to hospital, poor, doctor, poor, happen absorb communication breakdown. How we make it smooth?

Feel disappointed have British but feel second class.

Let us campaign improve services for deaf future to keep / remember.

Who am I?

Cant tell. You find out.

I British full deaf person in community.

Thank you. “

Power Deaf, who made this video has more on their FB profile page.

Will there be a new sensation within the deaf community? Time will tell and he refuses to reveal his identity yet we are certain we know who he is – He can try to run but he can’t hide.


2 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Deaf Community is Here!

    • This is a friend of mine who thinks he can get away with this anonymously. Don’t know why but guess they think it is cool to be a “hero” like Superman, Spiderman. Each to their own 🙂

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