Video: Into the Deaf Amish World with Captions

One of our admins, Sara, shared this video with us and we thought it was an interesting and detailed video on what life is like in a deaf Amish family in America.

Do you remember the days before we relied on technology to communicate, such as emails and mobile phones?? This husband and wife had to stay determined to keep communication purposes as such available to them so they could communicate when apart. A hard yet simple life they have chosen to live by. Does this make you appreciate technology so much more?

We hope you find it interesting too – please do share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Video: Into the Deaf Amish World with Captions

  1. Just a thought.
    My husband’s family – from two small neighbouring villages (Bratto & Braia) in the mountains in Italy – for a few hundred years before a road was built (mid-20th Century), had deaf children in almost every generation – cousin marriage – is it the same with the Amish?

  2. Hi Penny,
    Cousins who are deaf or carry the deaf gene, or any other “weak” genes, lets say poor eyesight, their children will more than likely present this gene, sometimes two fold (will need a stronger pair of glasses). Cousins marrying worldwide isn’t that uncommon (just frowned upon due to the same “weak” genes being duplicated in their offspring) so I would not be surprised if this was the same with the Amish?
    Though I do wonder, would they be allowed to have a Cochlear implant??

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