Pierce Starre: Breaking free: Part 1

Last Friday, June 6th 2014, young Mr. Pierce Starre set off on his 30th birthday into a 30 day journey of the unknown.  Did he jet off to a faraway country? Sail to the middle of the Ocean? No, he went somewhere better… somewhere closer. That somewhere is right here, on our doorsteps. England! We truly do have a beautiful country, we just need to open our eyes and see, walk a little further from the towns.

Pierce Starre: A child of deaf parents, a caring partner and a wonderful father.

Pierce Starre: A child of deaf parents, a caring partner and a wonderful father.

His journey started in Derby, the place where life finds him now, and will end on the 6th July at Whiston Hospital just outside of Liverpool, the place where his life began; but has never revisited. Pierce did not rigidly plan his journey, just the general path; fate would decide how his journey unfolds.

Breaking free

Breaking free

In the opening of his blog BORN TO BIRTH Pierce tells us that his journey is about exploring the notion of living unconventionally, that too many of us are trapped by the routine of life and we seldom break from it. So far Pierce’s exploration has evolved to something far more than what I believe he was expecting. Along the way he has met many people – all of them with kindness in their hearts, and Josephine the lady who will save the world along side him! His sleeping arrangements have varied over the past 7 days from pitching a tent in the middle of a lush field to a stable and a Wendy house! All of the people he has met, places he has seen and slept can be found on his blog (link supplied above).

I personally have been enthralled by Pierce’s journey so I sent him a cheeky little message asking if I could interview him over the entire period of his journey. To my delight, he agreed! So here I give you a haphazardly put together interview to bring you Pierce’s feelings and views along his journey.  At this time, of asking, Pierce said, I quote…

‘I have a feeling of completeness in my heart. I feel alive.’

Kirsty: It has been a week now so I must first ask how are you?

Pierce: I am in good spirits. I initially was struggling with my foot which flared up due to inappropriate shoes I began the journey in but I purchased a new pair and soothed them in rivers and collected rainwater, it has now cleared up. Hay fever and aching shoulders, due to my heavy bag, are my main grinding factors at the moment but my determination and focus gives me the strength to continue.

Achy feet!

Achy feet!

Lizzie: What is your philosophy and how does it relate to your journey?

Pierce: My philosophy: One Life, Embrace It. I think this probably is evident in my journey.

Kirsty: I am loving every minute of your journey, I love the photographs, and the way that you write. Through your words I am there, absorbing your surroundings, I can see the conversations, the smiles and crinkly eyes. I love Josephine, Calv, the stick, and the horse shoe. Which part or parts are your favourite/s so far?

Pierce: The journey as a whole has been wonderful, each moment is unique in itself. I don’t have a particular favourite. I am overwhelmed by the kindness, the people I have met and stories I have learnt. The beauty of Nature. I will say this: I am glad I broke out my systematic life to experience all the incredible moments. We can all do it, we just need to learn not to fear.

Kirsty: Paul and Andrea, they are an interesting couple and I loved reading about them and of showers in the rain. Here is a cheeky question – have you showered in the rain yet?!

Pierce: I haven’t experienced a shower in the rain yet however if it rains on this journey again at some point, I will put myself out there and do it, after all I don’t get many opportunities to shower on this journey.

Kirsty: Thank you!

Pierce: Thank you for your continued support I really appreciate it.

You can read all about Pierce’s journey on his blog which he updates daily. Next week we will be contacting Pierce again to see how he is getting along, to ask more questions to bring you “Part 2”. If you have any questions that you would like us to ask please feel free to ask us on here or on our Facebook group.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend wherever you may be 🙂

– Kirsty Vessey

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– Kirsty McMullan.