Tom Shakespeare on Enabling Equality: Label Jars Not People!

Really great piece by Richard Turner (and Jo) about the lecture we went to the other night by Tom Shakespeare. Time we disable the barriers society keeps creating.

Richard Turner

Last night I went to a very interesting talk at the British Library by Tom Shakespeare called ‘Enabling Equality’, which was made accessible via live speech-to-text reporting provided by STAGETEXT. This talk seemed to attract a lot of interest from several deaf and hard of hearing people who I know and some of us arranged to meet up beforehand.

Tom Shakespeare header

Tom Shakespeare is an academic, leading writer and activist against disability discrimination. He currently teaches at the University of East Anglia. Before that he worked for five years at the World Health Organisation.

Before I lost my hearing I was unaware of the concept of the social model versus the medical model of disability, because as a hearing person with a full-time job and fairly normal life, I suppose I had no reason to know about it as it didn’t affect me personally. But over the last four years I have…

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2 thoughts on “Tom Shakespeare on Enabling Equality: Label Jars Not People!

  1. Thank you for linking the excellent report which I will share with TUDA (Trade Union Disability Alliance) and key contacts.
    During the same week, TUC hosted its Disabled Workers’ Conference – 200 from many unions attended. I was the only BSL user present, which indicates how bad things are for Deaf workers this year (Access to Work and less support from employers for time off).

    Thanks for including my invited friend, Paul Ntulila (Deaf, BSL, BME and a degree in International Politics but endured employment barriers) who asked the question you described in the last-but-one paragraph.

    The venue was fab – hopefully one day there would be a Deaf Debate / Presentation to empower many people we know on issues on the same level as Tom Shakespeare’s lecture.
    It was good to meet you, Liz, face to face!

    Regards in Deaf Equality

    • It was lovely to meet you too – Think the last time you knew me was when I was a little baby. 😉

      What your friend mentioned regarding going backwards rang very true with me/us too and hopefully in time, equality will help to disable barriers as such.


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