Hide and Seek.

The other day a member shared an enlightening story which we all very much enjoyed reading. We liked it so much that we decided to share it with you and the rest of the world.

There is a veterinary professor and his wife who work in Africa, mainly Kenya. He trains one person in rural villages as a basic vet to care for the animals there. He also studies lizards and frogs, which requires stealth and being able to creep up on their habitat.

A few years ago the Professor went to a new (to him) very rural village. The only outside influences there, are a few coach loads of American tourists every couple of weeks which gives the village an income.

He was creeping around following lizard trails and became rather aware of a local man literally following him and watching, studying his every move, almost mirroring what he did. He thought it was odd the man did not speak but decided it was because he did not want to frighten the lizards away.

Whenever he went to walk back to the village the local man would run off. Every time he tried to talk to him the man just grinned and nodded. This went on for two months. Every time he went out to study, this man would always be there, about 6 ft behind him.

Eventually the Professor and his wife left Africa & came back to England for six months. When they returned (to Kenya), the first thing they saw on the edge of the rural village was a very large blackboard, in front of where the coaches stop. It said “I find you Lizard in natural place. You pay me $10, no Lizard, no pay $10!

A Lizard playing hide and seek.

A Lizard playing hide and seek.

He enquired with someone he knew and to his surprise, discovered that this man was deaf and had created himself a little business after learning from the Professor – He is now apparently one of the richer men in the village!!

That’s enterprise for you! He now also has contact with the Kenyan Deaf Association and other deaf people in nearby villages!

A smiley story with a positive ending that one has to love.

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~ SJ (Sara Jae)